Daydreamer is a great class for everyone who is wanting to learn about facial modelling and head to hand proportions.  This class uses modelling chocolate and a basic internal structure.  It is a full day class with concentration on detailing faces and hands.  

Adorable Hedgehog

This is a great half day class for those who want to create cute animals.  We go over many types of textures and modelling with modelling chocolate.  It’s a good class for beginners too.  


This is available as an online class and as a hands-on class. A 2D/3D Carved REAL cake class. Learn techniques such as: Facial modelling Working with modelling chocolate A little cake carving (a great starter for nervous carvers) Airbrushing Dusting, shading and texturing for depth and wow effect. All of these techniques are easily adapted … Read More

The Gruffalo

A fun and technically full one day class.  This course includes carving, modelling, structure, some texture and dusting too. This cake was originally created for a boy named Alister through the Bake A Wish Charity.  Alister wasn’t able to see his birthday cake but was able to feel the textures of it instead. An excerpt … Read More