I made some bugs and they’re kinda cute not to mention that they’re in luuuuv.
This is a quick and easy little modelling tutorial for all the little love bugs out there for this upcoming Valentine’s day.
I’ve never really been a big fan of Valentine’s Day. Partially for the fact that my husband always needs to remind me that it’s just a “Hallmark holiday”.  He still always gives in and brings me flowers though.  Plus it’s also a really good excuse to eat lots of chocolate too!!  Not that I need an excuse – but it’s handy to have one ready when you need it.

Lovebugs title web

For this one I’ve used both Vera Miklas White and Dark modelling chocolate.  The dark because it’s easier to colour to black without having to add too much gel colour and plus it holds its shape better for things like the little arms (yup – no supports in those puppies) and the eyelashes.  Everything either red or white were both made with the white modelling chocolate and I just coloured them with Extra red gel colour and Superwhite gel colour.

Lovebugs full_wm_web

I wanted to have some lovestruck eyes, but didn’t have a small heart cutter.  So I used a little flower cutter instead and cut out 2 of the petals in to a point.  And Ta-daaa!! Perfect shaped hearts.  Love those moments.


I had finished making the video and taking the photos only to realise that I hadn’t any antennae (Google helped me spell that by the way) on the little bugs.  So a quick fix with some sugarflower stamens and I think they worked well!

Lovebugs side

Can you make these with sugarpaste?  Of course!  But they’re just not going to be as tasty or as easy to make.  AND if you use gloves when you work with it you get a nice shiny finish too.  Just like a real bugs belly.  Trust me, I’ve done my research.  (not really)

So I hope you have fun with this tutorial and have a LOVE-ly Valentine’s Day. <3

P.S.  You can get the modelling chocolate that I use at these links..


The rest of the world:

Love Bugs.


  • Hi. These lovebugs are so cute. I was just wondering, where can get the white gel to colour the white modeling chocolate?
    Thank you, Geraldine

    • Thanks Geraldine! You can just use the Extra white powder mixed with a little vodka to make a paste. Works perfectly.

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