Fly Me To The Moon


Step into the world of structured cakes and create this out-of-this-world one that will wow your friends and family. This class is simplified and broken down into sections so that it can be suited to all levels. So, dust off that airbrush and get comfortable using it. Make a structure that you can reuse for SO many future cakes and work with chocolate too!

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Get a little bit of everything with this out-of-this-world cake!

  • Learn how to build gravity defying structures in a pre-recorded video.
  • Work with chocolate to create swirly planets.
  • Model a super cute floating spaceman
  • Learn the basics on how to use an airbrush while creating a jaw-dropping board of space and planets!

For €49 you will get:

  • Permanent access to the ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ video, private Facebook page and downloadable resources. It’s a great reference to have for future cakes too!
  • Get access to the video and to all the resources forever. Watch it as many times as you like!
  • Downloadable material including all templates.
  • Get support from me and ask any questions you may have directly – anytime!
  • And finally an amazing out of this world cake and so many new skills.

A few FAQs…

“Wait… I’m a beginner. I could never do this!” 
The way this class will be broken down into steps, everything is possible. All of these classes are about learning more skills that you can use in future cakes.

“What am I going to need for this class?”
– An airbrush for creating that cool spacey board.
– Ball Cake Pan or Pyrex bowl needed to make the round moon cake.  Alternatively you can use a foam ball too.
– Tea cake / Chocolate bomb or 1/2 sphere mould for the little planets.
– Drill & Hacksaw for creating the structure – or get a helper to make it for you!

Brush Off Those Airbrushing Skills with this Free Online Video Tutorial