When making this competition piece, I (ahem) didn’t realise that there was an actual theme to the category until a couple of days before. So with a little help and a push from my friends, I managed to get this square peg into that round hole. And he ended up winning a Gold and a … Read More


Here’s my ‘back-up’ plan that ended up winning me a Gold and Best in Class at the Irish Sugarcraft Show (Cork) 2017. When I thought that the structure used inside of my Crowfoot piece was not going to be allowed I ended up creating a second, back-up piece and this was it. The judges loved … Read More


My Crowfoot lifesize bust from the Cork Cake Competition.  He won a Gold! While spending Christmas in Canada in the FREEZING cold, we had to entertain the kids somehow without turning them into icicles.  So we spent some time in a good few museums.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of the Native American clothes, headdresses and history in … Read More

Fisheries Tower

Do you ever get an idea into your head that just has to be created at some point?  Well this was one of those.  We have a Galway Arts Festival poster in our house that I kept staring at and wanting to recreate.  I got permission from the artist, Eadain, to recreate it and did my … Read More

Sid the punk

Disclaimer: No bunny was harmed in the making of this cake.  This full day dummy cake class is tons of fun!  It teaches students how to create a basic cake structure that can also be also reused for future use.  It is a great class to try out different mediums such as fondant, modelling chocolate, … Read More