Terrence the Turtle

I got a brand new Clairella Cakes airbrush and I thought I’d test it out on this Sea Turtle Cake Topper that I was making. This is available on my Facebook page as a LIVE. You can watch the turtle transform from white to a realistic sea turtle with using an airbrush and dusting with my Magic Colour Dusts. If you missed it – don’t worry… the recording of it is still available there on my Lovin’ from the Oven Facebook Page

PUPCORN for the Cake International Carnival!

ONLINE CLASS hosted by Cake International for their Cake Carnival! This includes modelling of the cute puppy with modelling chocolate, using gelatine, masking, using cake presses and more!

Don’t worry… this fun class is suitable for all skill levels. Click here to find out more about it!

Fly Me To The Moon

Step into the world of structured cakes and create this out-of-this-world one that will wow your friends and family. This class is simplified and broken down into sections so that it can be suited to all levels. So, dust off that airbrush and get comfortable using it. Make a structure that you can reuse for SO many future cakes and work with chocolate too!

A SMASHING online Cake Class

I originally made this cake for my son’s birthday a couple of years ago and it was a big hit. Since then it has been a hugely popular design and people have been asking me to teach it as a class online for ages. So now’s your chance!  

Don’t worry… this fun class is suitable for all skill levels. But click here to find out more about it!

Celtic Cakers Tutorial Book

New Merch! Check out the rest here.

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Floating Ghost Tutorial

A structured floating ghost CAKE tutorial that will freak out your friends! This is an intensive video tutorial covering the way that I structure a cake, make it food safe and build up an edible cake that can be used for more than just a floating ghost.

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Eevil Pumpkin Carved Cake Tutorial

A quick and easy to follow pdf tutorial to create your own Eeevil Carved Pumpkin Cake to celebrate Halloween.  The uglier the better!

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