I’m in love with Beatrix Potter’s illustrations.  So when asked what to do for a Beatrix Potter collaboration, it had to be this little guy from the over of the Tailor of Gloucester (with a few modifications).  And yes, I had to Google Gloucester to find out how to pronounce it.



Sometimes the hardest part, for me, is just starting.  Once I get going on a new project, momentum just kicks in, things emerge and you begin to see what it’s supposed to look like in the end.  This was one of those projects that just slowly sucks you in and makes you lose track of time altogether.  I love those ones.


Although on the actual book, Beatrix has this little dude reading his OWN book – I decided to change it up to an old edition of Peter Rabbit.  More and more details just seemed to be needed.  SO… dinner was put off and pizza was ordered once again.  I didn’t go into Fine Arts or anything and I’m not a painter like my Mom or Sister, but I thought that I’d stick my neck out and paint a little picture of Peter Rabbit all tucked up in bed.  And I have to say that that was FUN!


Out of my comfort zone – but that’s what keeps things interesting – isn’t it?


But it can’t end with just making the mouse!  You need all the extras!


I got to finally try out a distressed wooden board technique that I’ve been dying to do and that was just a blast.  There’s a few things I would do differently the next time.  Like the colour of the fondant was too light for my liking.  I would go with a darker wood next time.  But live and learn, eh!?


The scissors and thimble were both made with grey coloured white modelling chocolate.  I textured and engraved them, dusted everything with an antique silver dust and painted in black into all the details and grooves and added some wear and tear too.


As for the thread on the spool – my handy dandy extruder had it’s work cut out for it once again.  But I like the effect it gives.  It’s more realistic than just making the thread mark.  At least I think so.


And then – once all of the work is done it’s just nice to sit down and read a good story together.  😉


“With opportunity the world is very interesting: Beatrix Potter

If you’d like to see the progress of me making the mouse – I’ve made a quick little video of the process of it.
Here’s the link to it.
Beatrix Potter Mouse

Pottering Around Mouse from Corinna Maguire on Vimeo.

To see the rest of the collaboration go to:
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