Here’s my piece for the Dublin Sugarcraft Show in Dublin won Gold and Best in class. An amazing weekend. The 1916 collaboration was on display with my harp included. I was able to spend days, with some of my favourite cakers, putting the Away with the Fairies exhibit together.  I gave a demonstration at the show (a first for me!).  And then I won Gold and Best In Class!! Thrilled! This was based on the 2007 Galway Arts Festival Poster by Eadain (who gave me permission to recreate it).  It was great to bring a little bit of Galway to the show.  Hope you like it!





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  • This is a side of Galway I was unaware of. The figures of the fishing fairies are without doubt interesting. The monument is unusual and the mermaids are lovely. Quite a different view of these creatures and the details are fabulous. What an imagination you have ! Great work.

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