Where it all began…


Two years ago I was invited into my first cake collaboration, a live one at the Ark in Temple Bar, Dublin after meeting some cake decorators at the Dublin Cake Show.  And boy has it been a wild ride since then!  Can’t believe so much has happened in just 2 years!
For this year’s collaboration at the Ark, each of us chose one of their events that they had over the 21 years of their being.  I chose The Magic Bookshop: a treasure trove of wonders where second-hand books flock together and their stories leap from the pages!  And I decided to do just that.  Make a story emerge from a book.  An evil Queen stepping out of the book she came from.


But to add some height to it all I decided to put her on a stack of other books labelled with the Roald Dahl book that I made for my first collaboration in the Ark – Danny the Champion of the World.  The Tailor of Gloucester – one from another recent Beatrix Potter collaboration I did.  And finally one with the Ark’s birthday image.



I managed to finish it in 2 days but would have liked to have spent more time on this piece – but when have I not said that!?

Click here to see the rest of the pieces in this collaboration.
Here’s my original piece from Danny the Champion of the World, that I made for the Ark 2 years ago for the Cake Dahls exhibit.  This is Mrs. Clipstone who was transporting drugged pheasants underneath her baby in the cot – but they started to wake up!!


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