Gold and Best in Class!

Here’s my piece for the Dublin Sugarcraft Show in Dublin won Gold and Best in class. An amazing weekend. The 1916 collaboration was on display with my harp included. I was able to spend days, with some of my favourite cakers, putting the Away with the Fairies exhibit together.  I gave a demonstration at the … Read More

Swan Away with the fairies

One of my favourite cake experiences to date.  I had the opportunity to join some of my favourite cake friends over two FULL days creating a Fairy woodland scene from sugar, chocolate and other edible materials.  We were joined by over 100 Irish and International Cake Decorators and Sugar Artists to create a display at the Irish … Read More

Art Deco Gold

Ivory, Gold and a bit of Blingity Bling.   Now I hate to say this out loud – but Wedding cakes aren’t typically my thing.  Novelty is what I do more of but I do like to mix things up now and then though.  Keep me on my toes, sort of thing.  And I have to … Read More

Fantastic Beasts – Nundu: A Smelly Cat

It’s moments like this that I just love my job.

I know it’s not a paid project – but it’s close enough to “work” that I can almost get away with calling it a job. This one has to be one of the most fun collaborations that I’ve had the pleasure of joining. Run by the lovely Mitchie from Mitchie’s Munchies in Las Vegas who is Potter-mad! We received invitations to it via ‘owl’, we were asked for a ‘moving-picture’ profile, to develop a new full persona and more. F.U.N.

1916 Easter Rising

Here’s my piece for the 1916 collaboration. I wanted to create something that represents the journey Ireland has taken and the men and women who brought us to where we are today. This is completely handmade from Vera Miklas modelling chocolate with internal supports. Hope you like it! #1916cakes #decobake #veramiklas [envira-gallery id=”586″]  

Little Shop of Horrors

Introducing my piece for the Be My Valentine! movie nights collaboration. I chose one of the craziest romances out there – The Little Shop of Horrors! Not all love stories are the same… sometimes there’s a dangerous man-eating plant involved. [envira-gallery id=”573″] Be My Valentine! movie nights is an international collaboration of 45 talented cake … Read More

Bake A Wish Gruffalo

To say I had fun with this cake is a serious understatement. Up there with my favourites. I was super happy to make this for the ‘Bake A Wish’ 4th birthday boy, Alister. Got to meet the lovely man himself too! He LOVES the Gruffalo… BIG TIME! This Gruffalo was 3D, fully textured and over … Read More

Threadcakes Competition 2016

I’m not entering Threadcakes… I’m not entering Threadcakes. I’M ENTERING THREADCAKES!! AHHHHHH!!! And so my life goes with last minute decisions… Here’s my ‘Dinner In The Sky’ for the Threadcakes 2015 competition. Finished in 2 very full days. And handed in with just hours to go on it.  If you follow this link you can … Read More

A Nightmare of a Cake!

Here’s my Sugar Spooks collaboration piece! I wanted to depict how REAL a  nightmare feels to a little girl at night. What if there really IS a monster under my bed?…. I built this piece with a mix of modelling chocolate and Ice Wise fondant with elements of Laped for some of the details too. … Read More

Spirited Away Collaboration

Introducing Haku from the all Irish Sprited Away Collaboration – featured in Dublin a little while ago. He was a massive 3 feet long and 20 inches deep.  My biggest yet!  I made using Rice Krispie treats, Laped, Modelling chocolate and Isomalt.  Loved making this one as I wanted to challenge myself with it’s structure and make … Read More