Game of Operation

I was tasked in making a cake for my friend’s 50th birthday yesterday. And of course a ‘normal’ cake would not do. So in the theme of her 80’s party… I recreated her in the form of the game ‘Operation’…. FULLY operational with lights and buzzing (of course). The electronics for this was not easy … Read More

Cohen the Barbarian

A Geriatric stud muffin like no other. Here’s a few photos of my modelling chocolate Cohen the Barbarian from Terry Pratchett’s Troll Bridge. Made for the British Fantasy Collaboration.  Be sure to check out the rest of the pieces in the collab as they will blow your mind!

A Breakfast Cake

I had a little fun with this cake. A birthday breakfast cake! Complete with a cookie dough & chocolate ‘ketchup bottle’, jelly eggs and sugar plate. The reaction to delivering it was priceless.

Mars Attacks!

ACK ACK ACK!!  The Admiral from the Sugar Spooks collaboration 2017.  Needless to say this was a fun one.  That gelatine balloon of a face-dome took a good few tries to get the right shape and be big enough to cover his head.  But in the end it fit perfectly.  My sister entered a Comic-Con … Read More


My piece from the first Birthday Mischief Managed collaboration celebrating some of the beasts, creatures and people from Harry Potter.  This was a fun one.  We were sent invitations by mail (or owl) with a very official seal too.  Not only that but our profile pictures had to be in character of something suiting for … Read More

Magical Dragon Machine

The Magical Dragon Machine live collaboration in Birmingham, Cake International 2017 asked me to join in the fun.  I thought I’d make a photographer to take a photo of the huge dragon in a little squatting pose.  And what can I say other than I loved making him and loved being part of the whole … Read More

Mam n Dad

Love is… eternal. This is the piece that I created for my the Love Is collaboration.  My parents. I can’t think of a better example of love, than my own parents. These two set the bar high on what you should look for in love. I always remember when I was in my late teens, … Read More

Snail Rider

Despite my irrational fear of snails I decided to try and overcome them and include one in this piece for a Steampunk collaboration.  After some gag-inducing research online on how a slug looks, I was pretty happy with the whole result.  Some pieces tend to suck you in and then you find that you’re modelling … Read More

The Pale Man

My cakes are like my children.  And just like your kids – it’s hard to pick a favourite.  But I think this one might be it! I worked my little heart out on this one and had an absolute blast doing it too.  And yes I know I say that about every cake I make … Read More


A cake for my son’s 6th birthday and also for a VERY cool cake collaboration that was just in time for the release of the Incredibles 2 movie. This wasn’t an easy cake to make but it was incredibly fun to do. There is a full time-lapse video on my YouTube Channel of the making … Read More